The Project


RePlaY project (Re-Plan-Years 2014-2020, action 1.2.2 of the Europe for Citizens programme) was imagined in order to respond to a very real issue: the specific needs of older European citizens as well as those of the organisations that work with them.

The 2012 EU Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations represented the perfect occasion to foster reflection about the fact that while a great amount of opportunities are available to senior citizens and organizations through EU-funded programmes and initiatives, many of them are unaware of the various possibilities or uncertain about where to find information about them.

The 2013 EU Year of Citizens represents now the perfect framework to further foster this process.

The goals of RePlaY are therefore:

  • to promote interaction and sharing of best practices among organizations working at EU level, generating new ideas for a process of empowerment for citizens, especially older ones, using the values of diversity in culture, experience and background
  • to promote volunteering and active citizenship for older Europeans as tools for social inclusion, while valorizing their experience, knowledge and role in the construction of European identity and values
  • to provide participants with information, tools and competences to apply for new projects, expand their networks and create new partnerships thus deepeningcooperation between partners belonging to pre-existing European networks
  • to expand partner networks by involving local organizations, thus increasing quality through sharing of local knowledge, ideas and experience
  • to generate a cascade effect by allowing to partner organisations to pass what they have learnt from the project to other actors at a local level. Each of these networks will then in turn be able to reach new partners and create new links, potentially reaching new targets across Europe. 

Target groups and final beneficiaries

  • European organisations with experience in EU cooperation, active ageing and intergenerational dialogue
  • Local organisations from partner countries with less or no experience in EU cooperation, working in the field of active ageing and intergenerational dialogue
  • Any kind of organisations new to these projects: local authorities (city councils, province and regions governments, etc.), social and youth work organisations, professional associations, other public institutions (schools, universities, etc.) and any other kind of civil society organisations
  • European citizens, especially the older ones, interested in active participation in societies.

Work plan

  • RePlaY InfoShare (14th to 21st of May 2013), Palermo (Italy): partner meeting and information session with the 11 partner organisations.
  • June/November 2013: development of RePlaY booklet with the contribution of all partners.
  • RePlaY Training (24th November – 1st December 2013), Palermo, (Italy): capacity building course for organisations with less or no experience in EU cooperation projects.
  • RePlaY Info Days,  (December 2013/January 2014), all partner countries: local dissemination activities.